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Want a great looking kitchen, but don’t want to worry about how it’s going to look in a few years’ time? Now is the time to check out our great range of kitchen ideas at our showroom serving Caven.

KitchensON offers a unique combination of style, quality, competitive price, full service, personal attention, and guarantees.

Kitchens get used a lot, and like any area of the home, they need to be kept clean. But the work involved in keeping a kitchen clean isn’t just about how it looks. After all, you prepare food in your kitchen, and so you want to maintain hygiene standards. That’s not easy to do when the kitchen is cluttered, or the countertops are the sort that attract all sorts of grease and other messy substances. So what are your options?

  • Firstly – make sure that all your kitchen cabinets are as orderly as possible. You don’t want to be forced to store sticky, easy to spill substances alongside items like cutlery and dishes. When you go to clean up any spills or accidental drips, it’s best to be able to easily wipe down surfaces without having to move a heap of other items.
  • Secondly – make sure all your kitchen cabinet doors, and countertops, are built or covered with an easy to clean surface. We have a great range of backsplash options in our catalogs which not only look good, but are hygienic because they don’t require extensive cleaning or scrubbing, and don’t retain odors. Even white kitchen cabinets can easily be kept clean by a quick wipe if you use the right building materials.
  • Thirdly – make sure all your kitchen cabinets and drawers are built to withstand the damp. A kitchen gets hot and steamy, meaning that damp, humid air gathers. This can cause cabinet doors and drawers to stick, not to mention what it does to the corners of the cupboards.

Our staff at our showroom serving Cavan can help you pick out the sort of kitchen cabinets and countertops which will not only be durable, but which will still look good in years to come. So check out our catalogs now and get the kitchen you deserve.

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The best experience in building our home!! I couldn’t imagine somebody else doing our kitchen. We thank you very much for all your help.
Doug and Bonnie

Had granite installed recently and by far the best experience I have had with my home reno so far. The quality, speed, execution and price were all beyond my expectations. Would recommend to anyone!
Rebecca Hunt

We just bought our cabinets from Kitchenson, We are very happy with the service, So far, We cant wait to have our new kitchen, Your the best.
Raylene Lewis and Ron Fallis


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Kitchen cabinets, custom kitchen design, installation
Kitchen cabinets, custom kitchen design, installation
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KitchensON offers a unique combination of style, quality, competitive price, full service, personal attention, and guarantees.